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Video Packages

Build Your Profile With These One Minute Business Video's For Your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads and Partners...


I get it ... you're busy, we all are.

But guess what it's 2017 and if you don't have video on your website then you are definitely leaving money on the table. Not only that you are likely paying way too much for your Facebook Advertising.

My specialty is scaling a business through Strategic Partnerships. But you know what? You need to look attractive to not only your potential clients but especially your potential partners. When you reach out to someone, just know that they are going to check you out too!

This will likely start at your ABOUT page and continue to your products and services page...which is why I recommend a few video's for your site and at least one for your potential partners! You can add them to your LinkedIn profile too!

You might be like me though where you don't love the idea of having your Face On Camera...would you believe I've bought myself a few wigs which given my love of research I'm probably a wig expert now...then I bought microphones and camera gear and lights and video editing programs and the list goes on.

Long story short I still haven't jumped in front of the camera...why?... Great question​.

Why haven't you? I don't actually want to do it, so I've procrastinated around it and in the meantime have been working on finding the perfect solution.

If you know it's time to get video on your site and to capitalise on cheap video views on platforms like Facebook, then select a package today and let's get started!​

Click the arrow to see what 1 minute of Video looks like as a script! Easy right..?!

Start Up

1 video for your About Page

1 Video

1 Minute Long

  • About Us Page Video
  • Products and Services Video
  • Strategic Partner Video

$395 plus GST (AUD)

$195 plus GST (AUD)

Fine Print - Read This!

Small Biz

3 Video's Pack

3 Video Pack with your voice or a voiceover if you prefer. Intro's and outtro's with your logo.

1 Minute Each

  • About Us Page Video
  • 1 x Product and Services Video


  • Strategic Partner Video or FB Ad Video

$997 plus GST (AUD)

Fine Print - Read This!

Please read the fine print above before you order...

If you are able to get me what I need from you as per the fine print above then we should have this done inside a week for you!

Imagine this, in a weeks time you've got a brand new video, that has a nice image of you and explains to your potential clients/partners who you are ... which you can even put up up on LinkedIN to drive business and on your FB Profile...exciting right?!

Well, unless you implement and get me the 100 words that's not going to happen!

So decide, commit and act and let's make this happen for you!

As my late Father In Law Tom Brooks used to say....

"Done is the best four letter word I know!"